What are the costs?

R850.00 per child per month

R800.00 per child per month with a sibling.

Do you take adults?

No we do not but we can refer them to other language schools we work with.

Do you accept white children?

Yes, we do not discriminate against any human being.

My child is 3 years and speaks well, may you please make an exception.

Unfortunately we cannot because an hour for a lesson will be too short for a younger child and it won’t be valuable for the child. Younger children need to settle down and adapt to the classroom environment before absorbing any information.

Are you open to other languages like ‘Kiswhili’?

Yes, we are, as long as we have children who are keen on learning the language.

I am a Motswana speaking mom, my husband is Nigerian. We speak Igbo at home and they do Isizulu at school. I would like them to learn Setswana as well as its my home language. Wont this confuse them?

No they will not get confused, children absorb phonetics easily and have been doing that from the time they were in their mother’s womb. They could differentiate the different languages from mom and dad by then already.

My son is learning Zulu at school and it’s the only offered second language at the school. I grew up in Canada all my life and I am struggling with my home language. My husband is from Limpopo and homework is a nightmare. Can you help.

Yes, we can assist. The child can come with their school books and we can assist with homework and reinforce the lessons.

My wife and I are from Zimbabwe and have been in South Africa for two years now. My children are in a private school where they mostly speak English. They do though struggle to fit in when the others speak their home languages. They are fluent in Shona but no one else speaks Shona, not even their Shona peers that we know. Can you help them learn Zulu.

Yes, we are happy to assist them with learning IsiZulu. They will also get an opportunity to socialise with other Zulu speaking children.